Accidents Involving Boats, Sea-Doos And ATVs

The use of recreational and utility vehicles often involves speed, unfamiliar terrain or waterways and inexperience. You or another user of a boat, personal watercraft, Gator TM utility vehicle or another all-terrain vehicle may have used that vehicle relatively infrequently before a crash that injured you or took the life of your loved one. If you have suffered major harms and losses while operating a recreational vehicle or riding in a motor home, you need quality legal representation to help ensure:

  • Payment of your medical expenses
  • Access to physical and occupational therapy
  • Reimbursement for durable medical equipment, alterations to your home or other necessities
  • Acknowledgement of your pain and suffering

Liability, Harms And Losses, Recovery And Compensation

Uncovering the truth about whose negligence caused a recreational vehicle accident can be challenging. Accident reconstruction may require the help of industrial specialists who understand how such vehicles operate. Discovering insurance resources can be complex in some cases.

Meanwhile, you may be facing surgeries, lengthy rehabilitation and other hardships and expenses. There is no substitute for a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer at a time like this. Holland Injury Law, LLC, in St. Louis, Missouri, is the source for competent advocacy you are looking for after a serious accidental injury.

Attorney William K. Holland has recovered more than $100 million for wronged and injured clients. He will tenaciously pursue your case to identify and tap into all sources of compensation. Holland Injury Law, LLC, can help ensure that you get medical treatment while your personal injury claim is underway.

Your Recreation Vehicle-Related Accidental Injury Claim Is Not Just About The Money — It's Also About Justice

Did a manufacturer, dealer, rental business, property owner or repair business fail to exercise diligence — with resulting injury to you or your loved one? Was the product defective? Did a boating accident, ATV accident or other disaster leave you facing a long road to recovery? Learn about your rights and the best ways to pursue the compensation you need after any such motor vehicle accident. Contact our firm via email or by calling 314-684-8321 to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.