Fundamental Aspects Of Personal Injury Law

Before suffering a serious injury, you may have had little knowledge or interest in personal injury law. Now that you are dealing with the aftermath of a car or truck accident, a fall injury or a burn injury, you will naturally want to understand what is going on in your case. You may hear terms such as:

  • Torts
  • Insurance coverage
  • Claims and counterclaims
  • Malingering
  • No pay, no play
  • Health insurance ERISA liens

We Speak Your Language

With Holland Injury Law, LLC, you never have to worry about legalese taking over the conversation. The core of your injury claim or lawsuit rests on two key factors - and these will be our focus at all times:

  • Who caused your injuries?
  • How did it affect your ability to live and enjoy life?

Attorney William Holland has recovered more than $100 million for clients over 25 years. His clients' harms and losses resulted from the violation of safety rules by others.

If you work with Holland Injury Law, LLC, you can expect a productive partnership and highly personalized advocacy. We want to help you find justice after a:

We Respect Your Vital Role In Your Own Recovery Process

Many successes in negotiations, mediation and trial have helped car accident victims, burn injury victims and others to move on with their lives despite great odds. Detailed paperwork and negotiations involving insurance liens and other legal challenges go into recovering compensation for the injured.

The real heroes in our law practice are our clients who, despite great harms and losses, have worked hard to get better and to help strengthen their claim and negotiating position by collaborating with Holland Injury Law.

You Need a Tested, Trusted, Tenacious Lawyer Right Away

St. Louis personal injury lawyer William K. Holland and his team of talented paralegals are prepared to step in immediately on your behalf to ensure you receive all compensation you are eligible for and deserve. Money cannot turn back the clock but it can make the future much less frightening after a serious accidental injury. Contact our firm in St. Louis, Missouri, by email or by phone at 314-684-8321 to schedule a free consultation.