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What if the at fault driver is uninsured or underinsured?

uninsured drivers.jpgAs a personal injury lawyer who has handled thousands of car accident claims, one of the most common questions deals with drivers who cause accidents and don't have insurance coverage or don't have enough insurance coverage for the damages they have caused. Car accidents

Non Hodgkins Lymphoma linked to Roundup

roundup.jpgRoundup, a very popular week killer, has been linked to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in people who not only use it industrially but also in those who use it around the house.  If you have been diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and have been exposed to Roundup (skin contact), you should call the St. Louis Personal Injury law firm Holland Injury Law today (314-888-7888).  We represent hundreds of people from around the country who have chosen to bring their claims where Monsanto is headquartered.  

What to do about a car for your kid?

Peer-infl-drive.jpgSince I am a St. Louis car accident lawyer, people often ask me what kind of car their children should drive.  For families fortunate enought to be able to get their child a car, I always recommend a used medium sized SUV.  For kids buying their own cars, help remind them that bigger is better.  Why?  Bigger cars and SUVs protect new drivers in accidents.  Worry less about gas mileage and more about the number of airbags and metal between other cars and the precious cargo.  Look for a car with blind spot warnings and back up cameras.

How to Find the Best Personal injury Lawyer for Your St. Louis injury Case

Thumbnail image for wkh.jpegLet's face it--there are a lot of lawyers out there.  Many lawyers in St. Louis can competently handle your simple auto accident or slip and fall claim.

Bars and Restaurants Can be Liable for Drunk Drivers

bars image.jpgWhile most people would assume only a drunk driver is responsible for causing injuries in an auto accident, the Missouri and Illinos Dram Shop Acts also allow for direct actions against those who sold the alcohol under certain circumstances.

Talcum Powder With Asbestos May Cause Ovarian Cancer

talc image 1.jpgHolland Injury Law is helping women suffering from Ovarian Cancer determine whether Talcum Powder laced with asbestos may be to blame.  Juries around the country have held companies like Johnson & Johnson responsible for selling a product containing asbestos without adequate warnings.  A recent St. Louis City case resulted in a $4.6 Billion dollar award to 22 women or their families against Johnson & Johnson.  The jury ruled 12-0 that Johnson & Johnson talcum powder was responsible for ovarian cancer after hearing from experts on both sides over four weeks.  The jury was allowed to read secret internal documents from Johnson & Johnson detailing the presence of deadly asbestos contaminating its products. Further, the jury heard testimony that Johnson & Johnson tried to suppress studies linking its products to asbestos over the last few decades.  For more information, see  Talcum Powder.

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