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Fatal car accidents are investigated for forensic evidence

In some Missouri accidents, it may take a few days for the authorities to identify the injured or deceased persons. In the meantime, reporting on such car accidents will necessarily be somewhat cryptic. That is apparently what has happened regarding an accident that occurred on Feb. 17 in the westbound lane of I-64 near Clayton Road. Police did not immediately release the identity of the deceased individual nor the person who was hospitalized.

The authorities also did not immediately report on the details of the accident. The operator of a pickup truck that was carrying one passenger appears to have lost control and crashed the truck in some manner that has not been determined. There are no reports of other parties being involved and it appears at this time to have been a one-vehicle accident.

Over $37 million awarded in personal injury lawsuit

Many families in Missouri and elsewhere around the country own minivans. They are used daily for a variety of activities and are generally viewed as a safe mode of transportation. Despite their overall safety records, problems can still arise with these vehicles. Unfortunately, one apparent design flaw in a Honda minivan caused severe injuries to a woman in another state in 2015. The woman was recently awarded over $37 million by a jury in a personal injury lawsuit she had filed against the automobile company.

A 27-year-old woman was riding in a Honda Odyssey when it was struck by a pickup truck. The woman, a passenger in the middle seat of the third row, was seriously injured when the van flipped and rolled over. Her neck was broken in the incident, and she is now a quadriplegic. She filed the lawsuit against Honda, claiming that her seat belt's design for that middle seat was defective.

Missouri county suspected of being lenient with drunk drivers

According to statistics, approximately 10,000 individuals are killed each year throughout the country by motorists who drive while intoxicated. These drivers are subsequently charged with various crimes, including DUI as well as involuntary manslaughter. If convicted and sentenced, many of the drivers must serve time behind bars. However, recent investigation has shown that one Missouri county is more lenient toward drunk drivers than others in the state.

One such case involved the death of a man in 2016 in Jackson County. He had taken an Uber home after he had left a party. He had gotten out of the vehicle when he got sick and was struck by a car driven by a 19-year-old woman. The Uber driver was also injured in the incident. The woman had been drinking and was charged with involuntary manslaughter for the man's death and second-degree assault for the injury to the Uber driver.

Coalition hopes to keep drunk drivers off road during Super Bowl

Whether it is the March Madness Final Four, the World Series or the Stanley Cup finals, there are certain events that make spectators of even the most casual sports fans. Certainly, the Super Bowl is one of those events for many Missouri residents and others around the world. While watching the game is the first priority of most of the audience, others view the event as a big party and an opportunity to drink. The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety has recently announced a campaign to keep as many drunk drivers off the road on Super Bowl Sunday as possible.

While members of the coalition recognize that a lot of drinking will be done at the countless parties during the big game, they encourage everyone to create a game plan early. Their simple directive is to choose whether or not someone will be drinking OR driving. Those drinking should make certain they have a designated driver or another safe way to get home. Unfortunately, driving while under the influence can result in serious injuries or deaths.

Is your St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer Lost?

Have you had trouble finding your St. Louis personal injury lawyer lately? These days, many personal injury firms are very effective at getting you to call their phone number.  When you do, you get routed to an intake specialist.  Then, you electronically sign an attorney contract.   From there, you are routed to a medical management team.  Afterwards, you may speak to a settlement specialist. 

How do the drivers in Missouri compare to other U.S. drivers?

When you’re out driving, how safe you are is greatly affected by how the drivers around you act. How good of a job, overall, are drivers here in Missouri doing out on the roads?

One thing that may provide some insights on this is looking at a recent set of rankings by QuoteWizard. The report compared the states based on driver quality. In determining the driver quality in each state, data regarding accidents, citations, DUIs, fatalities and speeding tickets was reviewed.

How to Find the Best Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer

Thumbnail image for wkh.jpegLet's face it--there are a lot of lawyers out there.  Many lawyers in Missouri can competently handle your simple auto accident or slip and fall claim.

What every car accident victim should know about whiplash.

whiplash.jpgCar accident victims often sustain whiplash injuries, especially in rear end accidents.Car accidents  Whiplash injuries are caused when the head and neck are sudenly whipped or jerked forwards and backwards.  The vertabrae and soft tissues in your neck hyperextend and cause injury.  Here is what you need to know.

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