Autonomous technology could lead to new safety issues

| May 24, 2019 | Car Accidents

Car buyers in Missouri may be aware of the new autonomous features that are becoming more readily available in many different makes and models. While this self-driving technology may help eliminate roadway risks, it can also cause confusion. New dangers arise when people do not understand or know how to use the technology.

One major example of the pitfalls of autonomous technology can be found in the airline industry. The recent crashes that occurred with the Boeing 737 Max airliners involved an anti-stalling mechanism designed to make the planes safer. However, the system failed and the pilots were not properly trained to be able to take control when this occurred. Some suspect that they did not know they could take control over the computers.

On the ground, many drivers who are purchasing vehicles with autonomous features are often not aware of the limitations of the technology. In one survey, 11% of respondents thought that they should be able to read their phones while the computer drove the car. To make matters more confusing, different makes and models have differing levels of autonomy. This makes it difficult for drivers to switch between vehicles.

While there is still some debate over who should be responsible when an autonomous car causes a crash, it is expected that the driver should understand how the vehicle works. If a driver with an autonomous vehicle causes a serious accident that leaves another person injured, an attorney could assist with determining who should be held responsible. If a settlement that covers the damages cannot be reached, the attorney may file a lawsuit against the at-fault parties.