Avoiding every distraction while behind the wheel

| Aug 6, 2019 | Car Accidents

Most Missouri drivers know that distracted driving is wrong, but they may not be aware of just how wide-reaching the problem is. For example, drivers would do well to keep away from their phones as well as hands-free devices. In fact, any action that takes one’s eyes and attention from the road is a distraction.

Eating and drinking will force drivers to take at least one hand off the wheel. Furthermore, this can lead to spills, which are bound to sidetrack drivers. This is why a no-eating policy in the car may be a necessary step toward preventing distracted driving.

Conversations with multiple passengers should be another concern for drivers. It may be wise to set a limit on the number of passengers one takes along. However, having a passenger may be beneficial in some circumstances. For instance, drivers can have the passenger check on traffic conditions, change the radio station and plot navigation.

Lastly, drivers should understand that drowsy driving is also inattentive driving. Fatigue leads to trouble focusing and keeping one’s eyes open. Some drivers may even begin to drift out of their lanes because of it. Fatigued individuals who must head out could consider a ride-sharing service.

Distracted driving results in thousands of fatalities every year, and the number of personal injuries that are incurred is even higher. Those who survive a car accident caused by a distracted driver may want to see a lawyer for a case evaluation. If a case stands up under Missouri’s comparative fault rule, the victim may seek compensatory damages. A lawyer will likely start by aiming for a settlement out of court. If negotiations fail, the case could potentially go to court.