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January 2020 Archives

Agency to launch new study of truck crashes

For many drivers in Missouri, an accident involving a large truck is one of their greatest fears. Tractor-trailers carry substantial weight in a huge volume. This means that other vehicles involved in a collision are much more likely to suffer serious damage, including catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Even more troublesome is the fact that large truck collisions are on the rise. Since 2009, the number of fatal truck accidents has increased by over 52% despite the fact that many new safety technologies have been introduced. Between 2016 and 2018, truck crash fatalities rose by 5.7%, and the trend is continuing.

Red light cameras are effective but losing public support

Hundreds of people in Missouri and across the U.S. die each year because of drivers who run red lights. Most of the time, it's not these drivers who die in the crash; it's the occupant of another vehicle, a pedestrian or a bicyclist. For a long time, it was understood that red light cameras could act as a deterrent against red light running and thus save lives. However, public support for cameras has been waning.

What are your rights if a dog becomes violent and bites you?

A dog that you know and trust can be a great source of joy and comfort in your life, but a dog you don't know could inflict substantial physical and emotional harm. People experience dog bite attacks in many different environments, from their own front lawn when an animal runs loose to a friend's living room or a public park.

Hands-free cell phones causing more distraction

Many Missouri motorists use hands-free devices to talk on their phones while they drive. While doing so may be safer than taking a hand off the wheel, new data shows that these devices might have some drawbacks. When people are not using their hands to talk on the phone, they could be engaging in other distracting behavior like eating while driving.

Understanding negligence in a car accident

Drivers in Missouri or any other state who are involved in an accident with a negligent driver may be entitled to compensation for damages they incur. There are many ways in which an individual may have been negligent in causing an accident to happen. For example, if a driver was going too fast for road conditions, he or she may be at fault for causing a wreck.

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