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Keeping the risk for drowsy driving down

Drowsy driving is a widespread issue in Missouri. In fact, it may be more widespread than many believe; with a lack of any tests to prove drowsiness, drivers can easily lie to the police about it. However, a 2018 AAA study that analyzed videos of drivers estimates that 9.5% of all car accidents are caused by drowsy drivers.

Police reports do not capture all possible car crash factors

A study from the National Safety Council shows that Missouri police are not capturing all the possible car crash factors in their reports. In fact, no state captures all 23 of the factors that the NSC believes are essential to knowing the reason for a crash. For example, no state has a field or code for police to measure driver fatigue.

Avoiding every distraction while behind the wheel

Most Missouri drivers know that distracted driving is wrong, but they may not be aware of just how wide-reaching the problem is. For example, drivers would do well to keep away from their phones as well as hands-free devices. In fact, any action that takes one's eyes and attention from the road is a distraction.

How external airbags can reduce car crash injury severity

ZF, the German auto supplier, has been testing the effectiveness of external airbags, so Missouri drivers who keep up with the latest in vehicle safety tech may want to take notice. In 2018, ZF released the results of its testing, finding, among other things, that external airbags can lessen the severity of an occupant's injuries by up to 40%.

Factors involved in senior car accidents

As a general rule, people experience mental and physical decline as they age. Therefore, it could make it dangerous for older people to driver on highways in Missouri and throughout the country. In 2017, drivers over the age of 65 accounted for 14% of all fatal accidents. In that same year, they accounted for 19% of the overall driving population. According to research published on TheSeniorList.com, Florida, California and New York were among the 10 states with the most fatal accidents involving senior drivers.

Common reasons that car accidents occur

Human error accounts for a large number of car accidents that take place in Missouri and throughout the country. For example, distracted operation is the most frequent cause of accidents. Eating, applying makeup and using a smartphone are all examples of distractions a person could face while driving.

Traffic deaths fell 1% in 2018 according to NHTSA

Missouri readers might be relieved to learn that U.S. traffic fatalities decreased by 1% in 2018, according to preliminary numbers released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While the drop is small, it marks the second year in a row that roadway deaths have gone down following significant increases in 2015 and 2016.

New car features are saving lives according to J.D. Power study

New car features, known under the collective term Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, are preventing accidents and saving the lives of drivers and pedestrians. This is the conclusion of a study from J.D. Power. More than half of new car owners who were part of the study said that their ADAS helped prevent an accident in the first 90 days of ownership. Missouri residents will find the most prominent ADAS mentioned below.

Improved safety urged for rear-seat passengers

As the summer season approaches, more Missouri drivers will start taking to the road. With the growing traffic, these motorists will also face a higher risk of getting in a car crash. The Governors Highway Safety Association is focusing particularly on the dangers faced by rear-seat passengers. Many backseat riders who use ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft are less likely to wear seat belts.

Auto Accident Negligence

Personal injury law sets certain standards that must be met before a car accident victim can claim that damages arose from another party's negligence. In legal cases, a Missouri resident is expected to exercise the highest degree of care when drving a car.  A crash victim must then collect evidence that some form of negligence occurred and that it directly caused the injuries.

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