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Common Reasons That Car Accidents Occur

Human error accounts for a large number of car accidents that take place in Missouri and throughout the country. For example, distracted operation is the most frequent cause of accidents. Eating, applying makeup and using a smartphone are all examples of distractions a person could face while driving.

Speeding is another common reason why accidents occur. When a car is traveling at a high rate of speed, it can take longer for that vehicle to stop. Ultimately, it can be harder to avoid an accident. Driving while impaired by drugs and alcohol can also impact a driver’s reaction time. Ideally, a person will abstain from operating a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol or using a controlled substance.

Poor weather conditions also can make it harder to drive safely. Rain, snow land ice can make roads slippery and increase the chances that a motorist will be involved in a crash. High wind and fog can also make it more difficult to see or otherwise avoid a collision.

Those who drive in a reckless manner are more likely to cause a crash as well. Examples of reckless driving include failing to stop at red lights and making lane changes without checking to ensure that it’s safe to do so. Of course, motorists should always be aware of local traffic laws.

An individual who has been involved in a car accident may experience neck, head or other injuries. The injured victim may be entitled to compensation for medical bills incurred or lost earnings related to the accident. Legal counsel could help the victim show that his or her injuries were caused by another person’s negligence.


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