Could High-Visibility Clothing Keep You Safe as a Motorcyclist?

Many individuals are drawn to operating motorcycles for the solitude and the freedom that comes from not having anything separating them from their environment. Riding a motorcycle comes with many dangers, though.

One factor that motorcyclists have to worry about is the motorists with whom they share the road. Drivers often reference how they didn’t see a motorcyclist approaching them before an accident occurred. There are steps you can take as a motorcyclist to enhance your visibility to a driver.

What is high-visibility clothing?

High-visibility clothing may include fluorescent pieces or ones with reflective panels sewn into them. Decorative helmets may fall into this category as well.

The combination of high-visibility clothing and enhancements, such as reflectors and headlights, increases a bike rider’s visibility. It’s best if you adjust your riding gear to the time of the day, weather conditions, environment and seasons, for optimal effectiveness.

How might high-visibility protect motorcyclists?

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s groundbreaking 1981 Hurt Report highlighted how 75% of motorbike crashes also involve a passenger vehicle. The study’s authors at the time concluded that motorists’ failures to detect or recognize motorcycles were the leading reason they ended up having collisions.

More recent research shows that instances in which a motorcyclist wears high-visibility or fluorescent clothing decrease their risk of having a crash by as much as 37%.

Did visibility issues result in your motorcycle crash?

Motor vehicle operators first learn the importance of constantly scanning the road as an effective tool for minimizing crash risk when studying for their driver’s license road test. Drivers often abandon safe driving skills and allow distractions to consu