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Could Some Driving Habits Reduce Traffic Accidents?

Driving defensively and carefully may have its rewards. A driver who adheres to Missouri traffic laws, remains alert to the road and stays in a calm state of mind could avoid accidents. Collisions might be ever-present risks, but drivers should do their part by following common tips for safe driving.

Operating a vehicle in a safe manner

Drivers help keep the roads safe by following traffic laws. Speeding is a standard moving violation, and some drivers may speed or engage in other unsafe actions while avoiding a ticket, but a speeding driver might not avoid an accident. Driving at excessive speeds can make stopping in time difficult, for example.

To drive while fatigued could bring dangers even when a driver tries to follow traffic laws. A drowsy driver might not react quickly when necessary, which increases the chances of an accident. Certain substances could contribute to fatigue and impairment. Alcohol and illegal drugs aren’t the only substances, either: Operating a vehicle with a legal prescription that causes drowsiness may present a danger on the road.

Distracted driving creates similar risks, yet some may choose to text, talk and engage with apps while traveling. Advancements in vehicle technology often increase the potential for distractions. For example, tapping a GPS app on a touchscreen could come with dangers.

Protective actions for drivers on the road

Even the most careful and conscientious driver could become involved in an accident with a dangerous, reckless or impaired driver. It’s important to keep that in mind when buckling up. Wearing a seat belt could be a life-saving action. Drivers also benefit from safety inspections that check airbags and driver-assistance technology.

Drivers could take steps to reduce the chances of being involved in a car accident, but they may still end up being the victim of a negligent driver. Filing a lawsuit might follow the accident.


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