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Drivers Average 13 Minutes of Phone Use Behind the Wheel Daily

Nearly 2,000 drivers across Missouri and the rest of the U.S. responded to an online market research study that was focused on distracted driving. The results were recently shared by Root Insurance, a company that gives insurance discounts to policyholders who avoid phone use behind the wheel. Not surprisingly, the data supports Root’s belief that fear tactics alone cannot stop the trend of distracted driving.

It was clear that most respondents knew distracted driving is wrong. Almost half admitted that it was a top road safety concern, and 99% recognized that phone use was among the top three driver distractions. Most were quick to criticize others for distracted behavior, with 89% saying they would give a bad rating to any Uber or Lyft driver who texted behind the wheel.

Yet these same respondents confessed to using their cellphones while driving. Overall, respondents averaged 13 minutes of phone use behind the wheel every day. Group chats were the most frequently cited of all phone-related distractions. This was followed by checking social media and watching streaming videos. Perhaps the most shocking part is that nearly two in five participants said they will not put down their cellphones when police are around.

Distracted driving is a form of reckless driving. When it is behind a car crash, it can open up the possibility of a personal injury claim. In this state, victims who are partially at fault may still file a claim and recover damages; however, the amount they receive will naturally be lowered based on that degree of fault. With a lawyer, a victim may strive for a fair settlement that covers medical expenses, vehicle damage, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.


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