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How Do the Drivers in Missouri Compare to Other U.S. Drivers?

When you’re out driving, how safe you are is greatly affected by how the drivers around you act. How good of a job, overall, are drivers here in Missouri doing out on the roads?

One thing that may provide some insights on this is looking at a recent set of rankings by QuoteWizard. The report compared the states based on driver quality. In determining the driver quality in each state, data regarding accidents, citations, DUIs, fatalities, and speeding tickets was reviewed.

The rankings go from worst drivers (No. 1) to best (No. 50). So being farther down the list is better. Our readers may be happy to hear that Missouri was pretty far down the list, coming in at No. 39. So, the report found Missouri drivers to be the 12th best in the country.

Meanwhile, when compared to its neighbors, Missouri landed in the middle. In the report, Missouri drivers were found to be better than those from Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Tennessee but worse than those from Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Kentucky.

Do you think Missouri drivers are among the nation’s better ones? How about drivers here in St. Louis? What do you think Missouri drivers do the best?

Now, unfortunately, even when you live in a place with pretty good driver rankings, there remain dangers out on the roads. For one, no place is free of unsafe drivers and encounters with any dangerous driver can have the potential to throw one’s life upside down.

So, it is important to remember that people can have important compensation rights following getting injured by the actions of an unsafe driver.


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