How to Find the Best Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer

Let’s face it–there are a lot of lawyers out there.  Many lawyers in Missouri can competently handle your simple auto accident or slip and fall claim.

But how do you find the right one? First, ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors. If they had an experience–good or bad–with a Missouri personal injury lawyer, then they are often your best resource.   If no one you know has used a personal injury lawyer, then the process gets a bit more difficult. About William Holland

You have seen the TV ads, billboards, and buses, but that tells you nothing about the lawyer who will actually handle your case. It just tells you they can afford to advertise.

Web sites may give you a better feel for a particular lawyer or law firm.   While larger law firms have companies develop the web site content for them, smaller law firms actually draft the content on their web site by themselves.   Read them. The content on lawyer web sites is important to the lawyer who wrote it and if that same content is important to you then you may have found a match.

Look for credentials.   Good schools?   Law Review?   Experience handling the type of situation  you are now in?   Not all Missouri personal injury lawyers handle truck cases or medical malpractice cases.   Not all Missouri personal injury attorneys have personally handled a multimillion-dollar case.   Some of the best-known lawyers don’t even handle cases at all.

Call a law firm.   Is the staff professional?   Is an actual lawyer available to speak with  you right then?   Are they answering your questions in a professional manner? You aren’t always able to pick your doctor, but you are always able to pick your lawyer.   If a large law firm pushes you off to a less experienced or less agreeable lawyer, you can always find a new lawyer. Case Results

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