Is Sexual Assault Grounds for a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Yes, sexual assault may be grounds for an injury claim.

Trauma through sexual abuse often lingers as a lifelong psychological injury. It may be as disabling as a head injury or other injuries caused by serious accidents.

Some of the most well-known situations involving sexual abuse triggering legal action in recent decades have involved:

  • Assaults in parking garages and other places with lax security
  • Sexual assaults in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other institutions where there is a great power imbalance between perpetrators and victims
  • Exploitation of vulnerable campers, scouts, students and athletes by adults in charge of teaching, leading or counseling them

Beyond criminal implications, there may be cause to bring a personal injury claim on behalf of someone affected by sexual assault or abuse. Particularly when age or developmental disability is a factor or when there is a power imbalance, evidence of abuse may be obvious. When someone with a mental handicap is assaulted or abused, for example, wrongdoing may be readily verifiable and compensable through legal action.

Often, an investigation uncovers other responsible parties besides the actual perpetrators of sexual assault. Negligent actions or inaction by people in positions such as these may facilitate harm:

  • Property managers
  • Administrators of institutions
  • Security personnel
  • Trainers and supervisors

If you, your elderly parent, your child or someone else you care about has been sexually assaulted and you seek justice, Holland Injury Law, LLC, in St. Louis, Missouri, can help. Our clients often seek to enact change by holding wrongdoers accountable. Those who have been assaulted also need resources for recovery. William K. Holland has handled sexual assault claims and will pursue wrongdoers tenaciously while treating the victim with the utmost compassion and respect.

Attorney William K. Holland is passionate about exploring legal avenues for righting wrongs through representation of plaintiffs in a wide variety of serious injury cases, including sexual assault claims. Mr. Holland has brought 47 jury trials to verdict. He has recovered 24 settlements worth $1 million or more. Overall, he has achieved more than $175 million in compensation for injured people.

Is A Premises Liability Claim One Way To Pursue Justice After Exploitation Has Occurred?

There are other ways, including proving a lack of supervision of minors. Talk to an experienced Missouri plaintiff’s lawyer about how to prepare a compelling claim for compensation when sexual assault or abuse is the cause of the injury. Send an email, or call 314-888-7888 to schedule a consultation.


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