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Is Your St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer Lost?

Have you had trouble finding your St. Louis personal injury lawyer lately? These days, many personal injury firms are very effective at getting you to call their phone number.  When you do, you get routed to an intake specialist.  Then, you electronically sign an attorney contract.    From there, you are routed to a medical management team.  Afterward, you may speak to a settlement specialist.

Where is the lawyer you thought you were hiring? About Us

Why is your lawyer not returning your phone calls?

When you call into your lawyer’s office with questions, oftentimes the lawyer is not available and you are sent to a paralegal.  Now, many questions can be answered by paralegals.

At Holland Injury Law, we have four excellent paralegals with a combined 70 years of experience helping people.

We are different because you can always speak to your attorney.  You can always meet with your attorney.  You can always email and text with your attorney.  And, yes, you can always video chat with your attorney.

We recognize that you hired a lawyer to advise you on your Missouri personal injury case and that you deserve to speak or meet with your attorney.  We will not shuffle you around and you will be treated with the respect you deserve.

You may not see us on billboards or tv commercials, but you will see us in the office, in court, and working extremely hard to produce the best result possible.  Our work ethic has been refined over the years representing thousands of people and collecting over $175 Million Dollars for deserving people–just like you.  Case Results

While it may be more convenient to hire us electronically, we always welcome you into our office to sit down and discuss your case because we understand sometimes you just want to speak to your lawyer.

Call us at 314-888-7888.  Contact


“Recovered over $200 million for our 7,000+ clients”

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