Nighttime Driving Tips to Reduce Accidents

Statistics show that driving at night is more hazardous than daytime driving. This is because operating a vehicle at night poses specific dangers, including low visibility and the risk of fatigue, which can both contribute to accidents. However, there are things Missouri drivers can do to reduce their risk of getting into a crash.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 168 million drivers admit they’ve gotten behind the wheel while feeling drowsy in the last year. Meanwhile, 37% of drivers admit they’ve fallen asleep while operating a vehicle at some point in their lives. Given these statistics, it is little surprise that drivers are around three times more likely to crash at night than during the day. In addition to fatigue, driving at night is more dangerous because of the bright glare from oncoming headlights and limited visibility due to darkness.

To help reduce the risks associated with nighttime driving, traffic safety experts recommend that people get at least seven hours of sleep each night to prevent drowsy driving. They should also try to avert their eyes from oncoming headlights to avoid being temporarily blinded and keep their windshields clean to prevent dirt and streaks from limiting vision. Meanwhile, drivers should make sure their vehicle’s headlights are clean and properly aligned, which will maximize their illumination abilities. To help with visibility, experts also recommend that drivers use their high beams at night whenever there is no oncoming traffic.

People who are injured in nighttime car accidents might have grounds to file a civil claim against the driver who caused the crash. With the help of a lawyer, victims could collect evidence showing that the other driver is legally liable for the crash and file a personal injury lawsuit in court. This might lead to a settlement that covers a variety of damages, including medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost income, property loss and other amounts.


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