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Talcum Powder With Asbestos May Cause Ovarian Cancer

Holland Injury Law is helping women suffering from Ovarian Cancer determine whether Talcum Powder laced with asbestos may be to blame.  Juries around the country have held companies like Johnson & Johnson responsible for selling a product containing asbestos without adequate warnings.  A recent St. Louis City case resulted in a $4.6 Billion dollar award to 22 women or their families against Johnson & Johnson.  The jury ruled 12-0 that Johnson & Johnson talcum powder was responsible for ovarian cancer after hearing from experts on both sides over four weeks.  The jury was allowed to read secret internal documents from Johnson & Johnson detailing the presence of deadly asbestos contaminating its products. Further, the jury heard testimony that Johnson & Johnson tried to suppress studies linking its products to asbestos over the last few decades.  For more information, see  Talcum Powder.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and have a history of talcum powder use, call today 314-888-7888.


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