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The Deadliest Type of Accident for a Motorcyclist

People often stereotype motorcyclists, assuming that the main reason they get in catastrophic accidents is that they drive too quickly or too aggressively. But the reality is that the main risk that motorcyclists face is not themselves or their own driving tactics. It’s other drivers on the road around them.

This is clear in many different types of accident settings, but one that makes it the most obvious is a left turn accident. This has been cited by some as one of the most common accidents that motorcyclists will ever get in, if not the most common. It happens all the time and it is incredibly dangerous. All riders need to know how it occurs.

The setup

To set the scene, a left turn accident happens when a motorcycle is driving toward another vehicle. The motorcyclist intends to go straight, while the vehicle ahead of them is waiting to turn left. There are also some variations where a driver could be making a left turn out of a parking lot or something of this nature. But it’s simply important to point out that it is not the motorcyclist who is turning.

The mistake

The mistake happens when the driver simply turns too soon. There isn’t enough space to make the turn safely, so they end up cutting in front of the bike. The motorcyclist may try to avoid the crash, but they may not have enough distance to brake effectively. They may also not be able to swerve because moving to the right would take them off the road and moving to the left would take them into oncoming traffic.

The ramifications

When this happens, a motorcyclist can be severely injured because the bike is going to strike the side of the vehicle as it makes that turn. This is an incredibly violent collision and the motorcyclist will probably be thrown from their bike. This can lead to spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and fatalities.

Why did it happen?

Many drivers will say that they thought they had space to turn, but the problem is just that they didn’t see the motorcycle or they thought it was farther away. It all happens very quickly. If you’ve been injured or if a loved one has been killed, be sure you know about the legal options you have.


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