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The Effects of Drunk Driving Can Reach Far Beyond the Road

When you imagine a drunk driver, you probably think about how someone’s car might swerve over the line if they had too much to drink. Or you might consider how dangerous it would be to get behind the wheel after enjoying an evening out.

Driving after consuming alcohol puts yourself and other drivers at risk. However, sometimes people overestimate their ability to get home safely. Following the recent accident at Poor Richard’s in Eureka, you would be wise to seriously consider the amount of physical harm and property damage you could cause by getting in the driver’s seat if you have had too much to drink.

What recent news coverage suggests

Dining out connected one off-duty police officer to Holland Injury Law, LLC after an allegedly drunk driver crashed through the side of the restaurant. The officer sustained severe injuries to his leg, back and neck during the accident, and is out of work as he recovers.

The officer believes that the man who drove into the building was drunk while being served alcohol at the restaurant shortly before the accident. And although he hopes the man gets the help he needs, the officer admits he and his wife worry about meeting the financial needs of themselves and their three children.

A lawsuit will not repair bodily harm. However, it could help the officer cover his medical expenses and replace the vehicle the driver crashed into before driving into the building.

Penalties for drunk driving in Missouri

The next time you think about drinking and driving, remember that in addition to potentially harming others or yourself, you could face serious penalties. Consequences may include:

  • Arrest
  • License suspension
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Incarceration
  • Fines

A court may also require you to have an ignition interlock device if you receive charges for driving while intoxicated (DWI).

You have the right to seek justice

Saving a few dollars on an Uber ride is not worth the physical or emotional risk involved with drunk driving. And if you suffer due to another driver’s negligence, there is help available in holding them accountable.


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