The Simple Safety Rule That Reduces the Risk of a Semi-Truck Wreck

There are many reasons why semi-trucks are particularly hazardous vehicles. For example, they block the visibility of the vehicles near them, meaning that drivers may not see a pedestrian or a changing traffic light because of the looming mass of a commercial vehicle. Drivers who become nervous around bigger vehicles might make bad choices in traffic that lead to a crash. Commercial drivers can also do things that are unsafe, especially because they tend to work long hours in tough conditions.

People who are hoping to protect themselves from the potentially deadly collisions caused by big commercial trucks may benefit from heeding an important safety tip that people tend to forget about as they grow comfortable at the wheel over the years.

Big trucks need more space

A commercial truck is so heavy that it takes a long time to come to a complete stop. Drivers near commercial trucks have to be extra careful because the driver of the 18-wheeler may not be able to maneuver to protect others in an emergency. The simplest way for those in four-wheeled vehicles to reduce their risk of a crash with a commercial truck involves giving the commercial vehicle as much space as possible.

The big blind spots around commercial trucks mean that a driver might not spot a passenger vehicle behind their trailer or direct them to either side of the trailer before they try to merge or turn. A commercial driver who doesn’t see other vehicles could easily complete a maneuver that causes severe vehicle damage or injury to the people in the smaller vehicle.

Additionally, it is also smart to give extra space when merging in front of a commercial truck. They take longer to stop, in addition to having those large blind spots. Leaving more space between the back of a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck could be the difference between someone getting rear-ended and safely reaching their destination.

Commercial crashes often lead to big claims

Massive commercial vehicles can cause catastrophic injuries for people in smaller vehicles and can also cause incredibly expensive property damage issues. Those affected by a recent crash with a semi-truck may have the right to pursue a claim against the driver, their employer or a commercial insurance policy.

Seeking financial compensation after a semi-truck collision can benefit those who have been hurt as a result of another’s conduct and who are worried about paying their bills.


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