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Tornado Season Can Cause Panic on the Roads

While the Midwestern states have been fortunate enough not to deal with hurricanes as often as the South, we still have our own windy problems between May and July. Dangerous tornadoes have recently been surfacing in different parts of Missouri, and even popular parts of the state like St. Louis aren’t immune from these catastrophic events.

No matter how far away you are from the twister, chaos is bound to occur on the streets. There might be heavy rain, large hail, thunderstorms and drivers rushing to get back home. Even during these disasters, it is crucial to keep a level head to prevent less people from suffering in these stressful scenarios by performing the following:

Stay alert when there is hazardous weather

While weather forecasters may not be able to predict a tornado emerging a week ahead of time, you should stay cautious in case you see an upcoming day where there are heavy winds or thunderstorm predictions. Usually, a weather website that allows you to see how outside will be like for the next few hours is a great way to prepare your driving route and schedule even if it doesn’t end up being a tornado.

If you notice some darker clouds covering the sky, it’s crucial that you turn your radio on once you start your car. No matter what station you’re on, you may receive a warning from the National Weather Service of an incoming tornado in your area. They will advise you to seek shelter and will likely tell you when the storm will hit your city. This warning may mark a turning point on the road for many motorists and how they approach their drive home.

Remaining calm amidst the chaos

If you’re forced to drive through heavy thunderstorms and hail on your ride to safety, approach them like you would with any other rainstorm. Avoid driving too fast to avoid hydroplaning into another vehicle or off the road and turn on those windshield wipers to higher speeds.

If you believe that your home is already in danger of the tornado, change routes and find a sturdy shelter that’s close to you. Most buildings such as restaurants and retail stores will suffice as long as you stay away from the windows. The only place to stay in that’s arguably worse than a car is a mobile home.

Unfortunately, while you can’t control how everyone else will react to the devastating storm. With the wet, windy roads and imminent threat of danger, many drivers will panic and may injure other motorists on their way home. In these events, it is important to know what legal assistance is available to help you financially recover from the incident.


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