What Happens After a Child Gets Hurt on Someone Else’s Property?

A child’s unexpected injury can be very stressful for their parents. A child’s injuries can potentially cost more to treat than a similar injury in an adult. A broken bone, for example, may require more testing to ensure there was no damage to the growth plate. Wounds, like dog bite marks, could lead to disfiguring scars as the body continues growing, which therefore necessitates greater care when treating those injuries.

Parents often feel panicked and unsure of what to do when their children get hurt, especially if they were at someone else’s property, not at their own homes, when the injury occurred. What needs to happen when a child gets hurt on someone else’s property?

They will typically require medical care

In some cases, the injury a child suffers will be serious enough to necessitate a trip to the emergency room. Other times, people will need to go to an urgent care facility or make an appointment as soon as possible with their family’s primary care physician. Having a child evaluated and treated for their injuries will be of the utmost importance to ensure their optimal recovery. Although families sometimes worry about the costs involved in such care, especially if they don’t currently have health insurance or have a policy with a high deductible, the property owner will typically have insurance that can help cover those expenses.

They may need to consider a premises liability claim

People often feel anxious at the prospect of making a claim when their child gets hurt at a friend’s house or on a family member’s trampoline in their backyard. However, a claim typically won’t force the property owner to directly pay for the child’s care costs.

Instead, it will lead to an insurance payout. Homeowner’s insurance includes premises liability coverage, which can help cover the costs of anyone who gets hurt while visiting a property. Especially when families have poor medical coverage or a high deductible, a claim may be necessary to cover the expenses generated when a child gets hurt. Otherwise, the family may have months of financial struggles ahead as they attempt to rework the budget to cover the costs of the child’s medical care.

Understanding who actually pays after a successful premise’s liability claim might help frustrated parents feel more comfortable taking legal action.


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