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What Protects a Cyclist (Legally and Financially) After a Crash With a Car?

Cyclists limit their transportation expenses and get plenty of healthy exercise when they ride regularly. They can avoid traffic jams and can travel to places that motor vehicles cannot go. Plenty of people in Missouri use bicycles to travel around town or to train for races, like triathlons, on the weekends.

Cyclists have the right to share the road with vehicles and technically must do so unless there are dedicated bike lanes on (or adjacent to) a road. They need to signal to communicate with motor vehicles in traffic and abide by all traffic lights and signage. Unfortunately, even though cyclists are often very careful in their adherence to Missouri traffic laws, they can end up hurt if they get hit by someone in a motor vehicle.

Insurance can help

Every driver in Missouri needs to carry liability insurance. The policy of the driver at fault for the collision can cover someone’s hospital bills and lost wages after a collision. However, many motorists only carry the coverage the state requires, which could be as low as $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage.

A cyclist will likely require far more than that to cover their hospital expenses. Thankfully, if a cyclist has a motor vehicle, they can potentially count on additional coverage. Missouri mandates uninsured motorist protection, and many drivers may add underinsured motorist protection to their policies. Those who regularly bike on public roads often invest in extra uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, as their policy can protect them after a cycling crash.

Civil lawsuits could be an option

Traffic infractions are often the underlying cause of collisions. If a driver did something against the law or it was quite negligent at the wheel, the cyclist that they hit may potentially have grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. Claims can compensate someone for the collision-related expenses they incurred that the driver’s car insurance did not cover.

Understanding the legal and financial protections that are often accessible to those who have been affected by a bicycle-car collision can be helpful in the aftermath of an injurious crash. Of course, seeking legal guidance for clarity and support concerning these issues is often very helpful too.


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