What Steps to Take To Ensure Safer Winter Driving

During the Missouri winters, the roads can become icy and wet, putting drivers and others at risk for a collision. With the following tips in mind, though, drivers can be safer behind the wheel and reduce that risk for a crash. It all begins with slowing down, even below the posted speed limit, because the tires lose traction the faster one goes.

Drivers should never tailgate but should instead create a greater distance from the vehicle in front. The distance should be a minimum of five to six seconds. When about to stop, drivers should apply the brakes early and do so gradually and gently. If approaching a traffic light, they should try to keep the car rolling because accelerating from a complete stop can lead to wheel spin.

Accelerating itself must be gradual and gentle as well. One of the times when drivers will want to gain some forward motion is when about to travel uphill. Once uphill, drivers should ideally be able to avoid accelerating and braking until they reach the crest. At the crest, they can back off on the accelerator and look around for pedestrians and traffic.

Automatic braking systems and features like electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist are great to have. Drivers must, however, know how to brake properly with these.

If their car spins out of control and collides with other vehicles or road users, drivers will be held liable. Those who are injured in car accidents and who were not at fault can file a personal injury claim. In Missouri, those who are partially at fault can file one, too, but whatever they recover in damages will be proportioned to that degree of fault. Victims may want to see a lawyer, then, for advice and guidance.


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