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What to Do About a Car for Your Kid?

Since I am a St. Louis car accident lawyer, people often ask me what kind of car their children should drive.   For families fortunate enough to be able to get their child a car, I always recommend a used medium sized SUV.   For kids buying their own cars, help remind them that bigger is better.   Why?   Bigger cars and SUVs protect new drivers in accidents. Worry less about gas mileage and more about the number of airbags and metal between other cars and the precious cargo.   Look for a car with blind spot warnings and back up cameras.

Now that winter is here, it is also important to remind your kids to check their tires for wear and tear, check fluid levels, and make sure their car has a survival kit that includes a cell phone charger.

Check with an insurance agent about the right level of insurance to protect your family should an accident happen.   Don’t forget about medical pay and underinsured motorist coverage.   If you have any questions about insurance coverage the agent can’t answer, you should just could call any Missouri personal injury lawyer to hear sad stories about bad accidents with little or no insurance coverage available.

Most importantly, always remind your children to use seatbelts and to stay off the phone while driving.   Preventing car accidents is easier than dealing with the aftermath of a car accident.

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