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When Bike Accidents Most Occur, and How to Prevent Them

Fall is on the horizon, which means that an increasing number of St. Louis residents will be heading out on their bikes for a nice scenic ride to see the changing colors of leaves.

While many roadways feature bike lanes or sidewalks aimed at keeping bicyclists safe, not every road has them, and they don’t always keep bike riders from getting hurt. Bicyclists must also sometimes share the roads with motorists, making them even more vulnerable to being struck by a driver.

It can be helpful to know where and how bike accidents are most apt to occur so that you can take the necessary precautions to avoid a crash.

Where are some of the most dangerous areas to ride your bike?

Government regulators often encourage bicyclists to ride their bikes on the sidewalk to distance them from motorists. The one downside is that it causes drivers to forget to look out for you as they approach an intersection, often resulting in a crash.

Another situation in which bicyclists risk being struck is when they ride their bicycle down the wrong side of the road. Estimates show that 25% of all crashes in which a motorist strikes a bicyclist occur when a bike rider travels against traffic.

One last instance in which bicyclists are most vulnerable to being struck is after they’ve spent some time riding in a motorist’s blind spot. Again, a motorist may not remember you riding nearby and turn into your path or collide with you as they change lanes.

What is the best thing you can do to avoid a bike crash?

While following the rules outlined above can help you prevent crashes, making yourself more visible to others can be helpful, too.

One way you can enhance your visibility is by wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing. You can equip your bike with a light and reflectors to draw attention to it.

There’s still no excuse for poor driver behaviors that are often responsible for biker accidents that result in injuries or deaths. You may be able to hold a driver who stuck you liable for your accident-related expenses.


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