Why Enjoying a Meal at the Wheel is a Dangerous Choice

Why Enjoying a Meal at the Wheel Is a Dangerous Choice

According to The Zebra, approximately six out of every 10 drivers in the United States admit to eating while driving at least occasionally.

Wolfing down a sandwich or some French fries while you are behind the wheel may seem safe because, unlike texting while driving, you’re able to keep your eyes on the road. But this false comparison can lead drivers to minimize the dangers of eating behind the wheel.

No matter what you consume on the road, you are still driving while distracted and thus at a greater risk of causing a collision. More than 3,000 motorists died in both 2020 and 2021 due to traffic accidents caused by distracted driving.

There are multiple reasons why eating while driving is just as dangerous as other forms of distracted driving.

Your Attention Is Not Focused on the Task of Driving

Eating and drinking take a surprising amount of concentration. As you move along the road, your focus is split between controlling your vehicle and not spilling your food or beverage. Your concentration skews even more if you are holding a hot liquid or messy food item or wearing clothing you do not want to ruin.

Dividing your attention in this manner can slow your reaction time in the event of an emergency or sudden roadway hazard. These few moments can mean the difference between safely avoiding a collision or crashing into another person.

At Least One Hand Is Not on the Steering Wheel

While you are holding a burger or cup of coffee, that hand cannot help you control your vehicle. If you hit a sudden bump or lose control on a slippery road, you would need to decide whether to try to control your car with one