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Winter Driving Tips From Holland Injury Law

Snow is on its way, so remember that snow and ice make driving much more hazardous.  Here are some important tips:

1) If you don’t have to drive during a winter storm-DON’T!  Stay home and read a book.

2) If you are on the road, slow down.  Remember that four wheel drive still have four wheels that can slide on ice.

3) Wear your seat belt!  This should be true all of the time, but for those fools who don’t normally wear a seat belt, wear one during wintery conditions.

4) Check your tires (before the snow comes) and make sure that the tread depth is proper.  Take a quarter and put it upside down between the treads–if the tire’s tread covers our first president’s head, your tires should be OK.  If George’s head is poking out, then get them checked right away.

5) Check your battery and fluidsContact Us

6) Clear all of the snow off of your car, including the roof–don’t be that person responsible for snow drafts flowing onto the cars behind you.

7) Start off slowly and reduce speed to lower the chance of a skid.  When you brake you lose the ability to steer properly on snow and ice.

8) Give yourself some space.  Double the normal stopping distance of 3-5 seconds to 6-10 seconds ahead.  Car Accidents

9) Don’t text, snap, Instagram, live stream on Facebook or check your email while driving.  This should obvious all of the time, but particularly during winter weather.


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