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Women Injured Using Essure Birth Control IUD

Thousands of women around the world have suffered serious complications and personal injuries after using the Essure interuterine birth control device.

Essure is an implantable birth control device that has been linked to tens of thousands of injuries to women who have suffered tears to their uterus or fallopian tubes.  Essure consists of two small metal coils that, when implanted, block eggs from moving through the fallopian tubes preventing fertilization and implantation.  Unfortunately, women have experienced severe side effects and complications such as perforation of the uterus, colon or other organs.  Women have also experienced severe and chronic pain, leading to the removal of the device or a total hysterectomy.  In July 2018, the German manufacturer Bayer announced that it would discontinue the sale of Essure birth control devices in the United States beginning in December 2018. See Essure IUD on our web page.

If you are experiencing unwanted complications with your Essure IUD, first call your doctor, then call your lawyer at 314-888-7888 for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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