Our Case Results


Mass Tort settlement—Holland Injury Law and Co-counsel successfully resolved a mass tort settlement on behalf of people injured by a well-known product.


Truck accident case where William K. Holland’s client smashed into the back of another truck pulling off from the side of the highway at night. Our client had very serious injuries. We hired conspicuity experts to help us prove that defendant’s truck did not have the proper reflective tape on the back of its truck so that our client did not have the time, speed or distance to avoid the accident. After an especially long and hard fought successful litigation, William Holland invited our client’s son to the Super Bowl, which was playing in their hometown that year.


William K. Holland sued three separate defendants for an explosion that left a woman badly burned and with an amputated leg. Mr. Holland worked on the case for over three years and conducted dozens of depositions. His discovery resulted in the production of over 10,000 documents. All three defendants paid over $2,000,000.00 each. Personal injury attorney William K. Holland incrementally settled with the defendants to maximize his client’s settlement. Since his client had an underlying work comp case, William K. Holland held a hearing to substantially reduce the amount of past and future money that the work comp insurance carrier was entitled to recover, while still guaranteeing that his client had the future medical benefits she needed. Within Jefferson County, William K. Holland’s settlement is still considered a large settlement.


William Holland recovered $4,875,000.00 for a family of a 32-year-old tow truck driver killed when an over-sized load on a tractor-trailer struck him as he was working on the side of the highway. The truck driver left the scene of the accident. Bill and his team kept digging and found that the driver of the oversized load had marijuana and meth in his system. During discovery, the Defendant plead the 5th Amendment and refused to answer questions. Despite that, Bill discovered the that the truck company falsified their driver’s employment records. The settlement is one of the largest ever in St. Louis County.


A van for a hotel crossed the centerline of the road and crashed into an automobile which carried a mother and her son. They sustained serious injuries which required several expensive surgeries and it was discovered that the mother would need special care for the rest of her life. William K. Holland conducted a scathing cross examination of the defendant’s independent medical examiner in which the defense doctor finally exclaimed that the badly injured plaintiff should just “grin and bear it.” At mediation, William K. Holland showed a power point presentation which featured the “grin and bear it” testimony from the defense medical expert and the insurer agreed to paying $3,750,000.00 as a result.


An 18-wheel commercial truck was blown past the centerline during a windy day and hit a vehicle which contained three children on their way to a family reunion. This accident resulted in injuries which included a brain injury that affected the speech of one of the children. William K. Holland conducted a dozen depositions all across the country. The case settled at mediation for $3,250,000.00 after a very powerful powerpoint was presented by William K. Holland.

Confidential Settlement

After the explosion of a fireworks factory, a woman who was pregnant faced severe burns and other injuries that resulted in a premature Caesarian. William K. Holland worked with several experts to understand why the explosion occurred and obtain a fair settlement. Throughout the course of the litigation, the case resulted in tremendous media coverage. William Holland and his client were interviewed numerous times by every local television station and newspaper. William and his client led the local NBC newscast when his client received her settlement check and the well-known local reporter brought congratulatory flowers for our client who had endured so much. Our case helped focus attention on workplace safety and helped lead the companies responsible for her injuries to be shut down.


William K. Holland recovered $2,600,000.00 for the mother of a 22-year-old killed by a drunk driver driving the wrong way down the highway. Our investigation determined that the drunk driver was served two fireball shots by a local nightclub after she was visibly intoxicated. We hired the best toxicologist in the country to help bolster our case. In addition to the money settlement, William K. Holland forced the bar to conduct annual training sessions for all employees on identifying those customers who were already intoxicated so that they would not be served any more alcohol and were provided transportation home safely. William K. Holland donated part of his attorney fee to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. It was a very sad case and William and his client still keep in touch.


A man suffered burns following an explosion at a factory caused by a spark from a forklift. Prior to the explosion, St. Louis personal injury lawyer William K. Holland uncovered that a work comp insurance company had performed a safety inspection of the factory and failed to identify that sparking forklifts were being operated in areas with flammable vapors. Through deposition testimony conducted by William K. Holland, it was uncovered that the company representative relied on the safety inspections to keep employees safe. The case as settled for $2,500,000.00. .


A wife who witnessed a terrible work place accident involving her husband trusted William K. Holland to find out what happened and why it happened. William literally conducted depositions all over the world (Paris, France), mock tried her case against one of the best attorneys in the country, and then achieved a result that was satisfactory to his client.


When a working man was injured on premises not owned or controlled by his employer, William K. Holland successfully litigated his case resulting in a very fair resolution.


William K. Holland litigated a hotly contested Civil Rights Claim in Federal Court.


After being hit by an 18-wheeler, a woman lost her sensations of smell and taste. She incurred $39,000.00 in medical bills. The local police department initially could not locate the toxicology reports, but we never gave up and eventually tracked them down. It turned out that the driver had taken meth prior to the accident. After William K. Holland conducted the deposition of the treating neurologist, they reached a settlement amount of $2,000,000.00.


William’s client was in an accident with a commercial vehicle in St. Louis county. William K. Holland uncovered that the defendant driver was distracted by his cell phone while operating his vehicle. William conducted a court hearing where the Judge ruled that it was a punitive damages case and that William could conduct financial discovery against the company. His client suffered a serious arm injury and acquired $45,000.00 in medical bills. The defendants agreed to pay $2,000,000.00 policy limits to settle the case.


Wrongful death of 20-year-old son, disputed allocation of policy limits and distribution.


A nine-year-old boy had his foot partially amputated while playing football in the street. William found an excellent accident reconstructionist in Scottsdale, Arizona who found that the driver did not meet the standard of care and could have easily avoided hitting the young boy. St. Louis personal injury attorney William K. Holland conducted a dozen depositions and settled the case, then helped the family put the money into a court-supervised trust so that the young man would benefit from the money once he reached adulthood.


A 45-year-old woman filling in for a co-worker had her arm mangled by a machine with inadequate guarding. The defendants alleged that our client knew the risk of putting her hand in close proximity to moving machinery parts. We proved that the defendant had removed the guard. At mediation, we secured a $1,500,000.00 settlement.


William Holland resolved a wrongful death case in Illinois after the second mediation.


Settlement for 86-year-old injured in a car accident.


William Holland secured a policy limits settlement for a young man injured in a boating accident.


William K. Holland successfully recovered for three elderly clients injured in a motor vehicle accident.


Wrongful death of a child settled prior to a lawsuit by William K. Holland.


William K. Holland was able to get one of the largest settlements in a product liability case involving a child’s wrongful death due to tire tread separation. Despite using the argument that the tire was filled with dry rot, the defendant still paid a large settlement after the case was closed.


William K. Holland was successful in suing a driver whose car never made contact with our client’s vehicle. After a car caused one accident and fled, it was involved in a second far more serious accident. The fleeing vehicle was chased by the defendant we sued through the city streets. The fleeing vehicle then ran a red light and violently struck our client’s vehicle. The second accident resulted in a death and one serious injury. Insurance coverage and liability were hotly contested. William K. Holland overcame defendant’s argument that the chasing vehicle did not directly strike our clients’ vehicle and secured the full amount of two insurance policies totaling $1,150,000.00.


Successful resolution of a car accident claim that resulted in injuries to an entire family following a drunk driving collision.


Confidential settlement by William Holland for auto accident victim in Illinois.


For a ten-year-old boy injured in a car accident.


Truck Accident case that settled for policy limits.


William K. Holland successfully collected for a client injured in a disputed truck accident.


In a disputed liability truck accident case, William K. Holland conducted depositions all over the country to secure the policy limits for the family of a deceased motorist.


Breach of contract claim-highly confidential.


William Holland conducted 15 depositions in Iowa that he settled on eve of trial for a woman injured by a forklift.


After an initial offer in claims of $25,000.00, William Holland and John Moffitt litigated and obtained a far greater amount for their deserving client.


School bus crash in Illinois where William Holland’s client suffered a broken arm.


Underinsured motorist case where our client’s insurance company settled the day William Holland was going to file a lawsuit in federal court.


Successful resolution of a car accident case in a very conservative venue.


William K. Holland successfully represented a woman injured in an on the job explosion.


Successful resolution of a car accident case with minimal property damage.


When another attorney started the litigation for the death of a man in a disputed liability case, William K. Holland stepped in and fixed a case that was not worked up properly by an inexperienced attorney.


William K. Holland conducted over 25 depositions in a case where his client’s son was not being properly supervised and drowned.


The attorneys at Holland Injury Law settled this auto accident by mediating pre-litigation.


When our client was injured on the job, our attorneys went one step beyond and got an additional, contested uninsured motorist settlement.


William K. Holland successfully recovered for a woman injured in a car accident.


A man injured in an auto accident with disputed liability and disputed injuries turned to William K. Holland to tenaciously pursue the wrongdoers.


William K. Holland successfully recovered for a woman injured when her chair collapsed at a seminar.


William K. Holland successfully recovered for a man injured on the job in a Jones Act case.


William K. Holland tried a five-day jury trial because the defendants only offered his client $50,000 before trial. The defendant did not appeal and paid the judgment, plus court costs.


Our client was attacked by a dog and suffered scaring in a highly contested dog bite case, which led to a pre-litigation settlement.


A 88 year old woman was injured due to a defective automatic door recovered after William K. Holland demonstrated how the force of an unexpected door closing would cause injury.


When a man was injured on a job site due to defective equipment, William K. Holland worked tirelessly in a Federal Court case to secure an excellent result for his client.


A woman who tripped and fell over a broken sidewalk turned to William K. Holland to aggressively pursue her claim for her broken arm.


Our client resolved her claim against a friend when she was bitten by a dog on her arm. was bitten by a dog on her arm.

Although past results do not guarantee results in future cases since every client and every situation is different and unique, it is important to choose an attorney with the experience and positive past results to maximize your recovery. Call or email us today to discuss your case.