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Mass Tort settlement—Holland Injury Law and Co-counsel successfully resolved a mass tort settlement on behalf of people injured by a well-known product.


Truck accident case where William K. Holland’s client smashed into the back of another truck pulling off from the side of the highway at night. Our client had very serious injuries. We hired conspicuity experts to help us prove that the defendant’s truck did not have the proper reflective tape on the back of its truck, so our client did not have the time, speed, or distance to avoid the accident. After an especially long and hard fought successful litigation, William Holland invited our client’s son to the Super Bowl, which was playing in their hometown that year.


William K. Holland sued three separate defendants for an explosion that left a woman badly burned and with an amputated leg. Mr. Holland worked on the case for over three years and conducted dozens of depositions. His discovery resulted in the production of over 10,000 documents. All three defendants paid over $2,000,000.00 each. Personal injury attorney William K. Holland incrementally settled with the defendants to maximize his client’s settlement. Since his client had an underlying work comp case, William K. Holland held a hearing to substantially reduce the amount of past and future money that the work comp insurance carrier was entitled to recover, while still guaranteeing that his client had the future medical benefits she needed. Within Jefferson County, William K. Holland’s settlement is still considered a large settlement.


William Holland recovered $4,875,000.00 for a family of a 32-year-old tow truck driver killed when an over-sized load on a tractor-trailer struck him as he was working on the side of the highway. The truck driver left the scene of the accident. Bill and his team kept digging and found that the driver of the over sized load had marijuana and meth in his system. During discovery, the defendant plead the 5th Amendment and refused to answer questions. Despite that, Bill discovered the that the truck company falsified their driver’s employment records. The settlement is one of the largest ever in St. Louis County.


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