How A Mass Tort Can Help You

In the legal system as in life, there is power in numbers. The standard legal remedy for personal injury is an individual lawsuit against the at-fault party. But if you’ve been injured by negligence that may have affected many other people in similar ways, it might be appropriate and beneficial to merge your legal complaints into a single case.

Depending on the circumstances, this group action can either be called mass tort or class action litigation.

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Not every personal injury firm is equipped to take on mass tort litigation. It requires an incredible amount of time and research, support staff, careful coordination, financial resources and, of course, experienced attorneys. At Holland Injury Law, LLC, we have been vigorously representing clients for over 30 years in all manner of personal injury litigation. Our mass tort practice may be able to help you and other plaintiffs seek compensation for:

In most cases, the types of injuries or harms suffered by plaintiffs will be the same or highly similar. Often, however, they do not need to be identical in nature.

What Are The Benefits To Mass Tort Vs. Single-Plaintiff Litigation?

The main benefits include efficiency and economy of scale. When there are dozens or hundreds of plaintiffs involved in litigation rallied behind a smaller legal team, each plaintiff does not need to be so personally invested throughout the case (emotionally, financially or otherwise).

Moreover, presenting a large group of plaintiffs with similar injuries or harms paints a compelling picture of how severely the defendants’ negligence negatively impacted victims. One person’s harm might be discounted as an aberration, but group harm is much harder for jurors to dismiss.

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