Bold Advocacy After An All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

An accident involving an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or a utility task vehicle (UTV) often results in serious injuries and may be more difficult, legally speaking, than a typical traffic accident for several reasons:

  • The operator may be underaged.
  • The accident may have happened off public roads on private property, without the usual traffic laws applying.
  • The operator or rider who was injured may not have been wearing a seat belt or helmet.
  • It may be challenging to determine who, if anyone, was negligent.

At Holland Injury Law, LLC, we urge you not to throw up your hands thinking there is no source of compensation available after an ATV or UTV accident. When our determined personal injury attorneys investigate such crashes, we often succeed at discovering who should be responsible for compensating the injured person. When a car, truck, tractor or another off-road vehicle strikes an ATV or UTV, there may be more complicating factors, as well as more opportunities for recovery of compensation.

Who Is Liable?

A detailed investigation may reveal that the ATV or UTV had defects, in which case a product liability claim against the manufacturer may be an appropriate avenue for relief. Another liable party may be a property owner, the driver of another vehicle, or anyone who was in charge of the ATV or UTV and/or responsible for the safety of the person who was injured.

Sometimes, unexpected sources of compensation can provide financial recovery for the injured person or for surviving family members after a fatal accident. It might be an insurance policy held by a member of the household of the injured person, for example. The skilled personal injury attorneys at Holland Injury Law know where to look.

We Are Determined, Tenacious Investigators And Litigators

We will not let a client of our firm fail to recover compensation without a fight. We will leave no stone unturned as we look into the facts of the accident and document the injured person’s losses. For best results, get our trial lawyers on the case as soon as possible, while evidence is fresh and accessible.

The sooner you get an attorney on the case, the more opportunities there may be to recover compensation for someone injured in an ATV or UTV accident, or for surviving family members. Schedule a free consultation and experience our fierce pursuit of the right result. Call 314-428-9279 or send an email message without delay.