Take Back Your Life After A Car Accident Injury

If you suffered an injury because of a car accident, you might not know what to do or where to turn. You may feel as if your life is no longer your own, as it is now filled with medical appointments, physical therapy and auto repairs.

You deserve to reclaim your life after a car crash. Holland Injury Law, LLC, is here to assist you. For 30 years, we have boldly and aggressively represented injury survivors throughout St. Louis. We can use our vast experience to help you navigate the insurance claims process, hold the negligent driver accountable and recover compensation.

What Should I Do After An Accident?

Everyone has had a small fender-bender, but a major crash is completely different. The moments immediately following an accident can feel overwhelming. If you can, you should complete these steps:

  1. Get medical attention if needed. Remember, not all injuries appear right away.
  2. Call the police so they can write a report.
  3. Get the name, insurance information, license plate number and contact info of the other party.
  4. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses.
  5. DO NOT speak to an insurance representative unless you have a lawyer.
  6. Contact an injury attorney to represent you in discussions with the insurance company and the other driver.

How We Can Prove Negligence

With more than 30 years in practice, we have experience performing accident reconstructions, evaluating complex evidence and using physics and mathematics to prove negligence.

Proving negligence in a car accident is not easy, especially when the insurance company has its own powerful lawyers involved. Fortunately, Holland Injury Law, LLC, has successfully demonstrated negligence in countless cases. We may use several tools, including:

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Police reports
  • Expert witnesses
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Text, email and phone call records to see whether the other driver was distracted

No matter the circumstances of your accident, we will use whatever tools necessary to seek a favorable settlement or verdict.

How Can You Prove That The Other Driver Caused The Accident By Distracted Driving?

You may have noticed that the other driver was not looking at the road during the time of an accident but a car accident happens so fast that you may not remember to gather evidence in the wake of a crash. Fortunately, we can utilize information such as the following to prove distracted driving:

  • Cellphone records: Were they texting at the time of the crash? Are there time stamps of social media activity?
  • Bystander testimony: Was someone in the passenger seat, or did a bystander witness that the other driver was not paying attention?
  • Intersection cameras/surveillance footage: Was the accident caught on video?

While these examples can often be the most helpful, it’s still important to take photos and get the other driver’s information right after a crash.

What To Do If The Wreck Was Caused By A Drunk Driver

Obvious wrongdoing by the other driver in a motor vehicle accident, such as drinking and driving, naturally leaves you and your family wanting justice to be done. At the same time, your financial needs are real, and show no sign of letting up soon as you must find ways to pay for:

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery and therapy
  • Rehabilitation in a facility and when you are able to return home
  • Disability accommodations for brain injuries or other injuries, whether short term or long term

You may require psychological help, as well, to deal with your sudden losses and resulting feelings of helplessness and fears about the future. Such feelings are natural and deserve just as much care as your mobility challenges and other physical ailments.

Holland Injury Law, LLC, is a law firm with a heart full of devotion to justice. We are uncompromising in our determination to right wrongs. We know what types of accommodations and compensation you will need after a serious injury.

Past clients of this firm have deeply appreciated our attention to the aspect of justice in drunk driving-related cases. Likewise, they have depended on us to pursue and obtain the compensation they have needed after suffering injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Sometimes this means bringing a lawsuit against a bar or restaurant in a liquor liability case. It may mean tapping into your own uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage if a drunk driver was not properly insured.

You may face great hardships after a DUI-related crash. Opportunities exist to pursue justice and compensation for you. Our lawyers have recovered more than $175 million for injured clients are available to serve as your powerful advocates.

Compensation You May Be Eligible For

We take a risk as motorists of becoming a statistic through an injury accident every time we get behind the wheel. If you are harmed as the result of someone else’s negligence in a car accident, it is important to ask for the proper level of compensation to cover all your most important needs. These needs may not be immediately obvious right after your accident. The insurance company may offer you a quick settlement, but it may not include everything essential to your recovery. If the insurance company wants you to sign a release early on, don’t sign, but rather, call us right away.

Missouri gives plaintiffs five years to file claims for personal injuries and property damage suffered in a car accident. There is no cap on the amount of damages a plaintiff may recover. You may also file for damages that include both economic losses and noneconomic ones, including pain and suffering.

Some of the types of compensation you may pursue in your personal injury lawsuit after a motor vehicle accident include:

  • Lost wages from being unable to work
  • Medical bills
  • Cost of rehabilitative services and ongoing care for serious injuries
  • Compensation for all your harms and losses
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle
  • Rental car charges

Our law firm will investigate the true extent of your losses after your injury and assist you in building a strong claim that will generate a fair settlement or verdict in your favor at trial.

How Do You Choose The Right St. Louis Car Accident Attorney For You?

A reputable attorney can significantly impact the outcome of a case. Here’s what you can consider when looking for the right car accident lawyer in St. Louis:

  • Ensure they are licensed and experienced: Our lead attorney, William Holland, has been representing car crash victims for more than 30 years.
  • Check their online reviews to find out how they handle client care: Our family-like devotion to clients and our professional approach to every case are why crash victims choose us to represent them.
  • Look at their site to see if they have proven successful results: Discover how we’ve achieved large settlements for injury victims, including multimillion-dollar settlements for our clients.
  • Check for the attorneys’ honors and awards: The commitment and dedication that we put into every case gets recognized in our community and by our peers. Attorney Holland has been selected for inclusion in Missouri Super Lawyers for multiple years and is on the National Trial Lawyer Association Top 100 list, among others.
  • Do they go above and beyond?: Our work is more than just a job – it’s a calling. We do it because we want accountability for the injured. Beyond helping our clients, attorney Holland began sponsoring an event with the St. Louis chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) after handling a sad case when a bar overserved a patron.

With our attorneys’ years of experience and commitment to their craft, we’re the personal injury firm you can trust.

Get Your Life Back

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