We Tenaciously Protect The Rights Of Motorcycle Accident Victims

Just as motorcycles are unique among other vehicles, so too are accidents involving motorcycles. Riders are less protected in the event of a crash and more likely to suffer disabling or fatal injuries even in relatively minor crashes. Moreover, motorcycles handle differently than cars and trucks do. Other drivers’ ignorance about motorcycles often leads other drivers to behave in ways that are dangerous or deadly to riders.

If you been injured by a negligent driver, you need a personal injury lawyer who understands all aspects of motorcycle accidents, including the mechanical, human and social factors involved. For 30 years, Holland Injury Law, LLC, has been an important resource for motorcyclists in the St. Louis Area. We are ready to help you with devotion and determination.

Common Motorcycle Accident Scenarios

Here are some of the most common and dangerous accident scenarios between motorcyclists and larger vehicles:

Left-Turn Accidents

A driver making a left turn across oncoming traffic fails to notice an approaching motorcyclist or misjudges his speed and distance. The motorcyclist has no time to get out of the way and slams into the turning vehicle.

Lane-Change Accidents

Drivers fail to leave a buffer on road around a motorcyclist or small group of motorcyclists. When passing the motorcyclist, the driver veers over too quickly and clips the motorcycle or causes the motorcycle into a rear-end collision.

Noncontact Accidents

The driver of a car or truck can cause a motorcycle accident without ever making contact. Usually, this occurs when a driver’s reckless or inattentive maneuver forces a motorcyclist to swerve off the road. Motorcyclists can also skid on liquids or debris emitted by vehicles in front of them.

Overcoming Negative Bias And Educating Jurors

It’s no secret that many drivers have a bias against motorcyclists, often because they have previously seen motorcyclists riding recklessly. But that bias shouldn’t prevent you from the compensation you need and deserve after being injured by a negligent driver.

Our attorneys work with some of the country’s top motorcycle experts to help reconstruct crash scenarios, explain how a motorcycle’s unique physical properties are affected by a crash and how the actions of other drivers sometimes make it impossible for motorcyclists to protect themselves by simply riding “defensively.”

In short, we help you tell your side of the story about what happened to you and why you deserve compensation for your injuries.

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