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Aggressive Personal Injury Representation

A serious accident can alter the trajectory of your life in seconds, often leaving behind permanent damage. The profoundly traumatic nature of catastrophic injuries leaves victims with lasting physical and emotional scarring. Victims and their loved ones may feel overwhelmed by their new limitations.

When a devastating injury changes your life, Holland Injury Law, LLC, in St. Louis can help you seek justice and compensation. Our attorneys have recovered more than $175 million in compensation for injured Missourians.

Whatever Your Injuries May Be, We Can Help

There are countless ways in which you can be injured by the negligence of another party. After more than 30 years in this area of law, we have cultivated the experience, resources and knowledge to successfully take on nearly any type of personal injury case.

Here are just some of the types of claims and clients we represent people injured through the following circumstances:

In addition, we also handle premises liability cases, which are usually the result of an accident that occurred on someone else’s property such as a residence, store or public space. A premises liability accident generally results from undisclosed unsafe conditions or property owner negligence. To successfully recover damages, the injury victim must prove the property owner knew or could have known of the problem and failed to warn the visitor or take corrective steps. The duties of a property owner change depending on who was injured.

Thorough Preparation For Successful Results

Although many injury cases settle outside the courtroom, our law firm prepares each case for trial. When negotiations fail, we are willing to mount an aggressive litigation to get the best result possible for your case.

Through prior experience in insurance defense, our lawyers are ready to formulate creative strategies and anticipate possible defense maneuvers. The insurance company has a formidable defense team poised to deny your claim or negotiate a quick settlement. We won’t let you be short-changed.

William K. Holland obtained a $3,750,000 case result for his client who was struck by a hotel van that crashed into their car. Learn more about how we fought for their rightful compensation.

Don’t Want To Sue A Neighbor Or Relative?

Accident victims may be hesitant to seek compensation if the injury occurred at the home of a family member or friend. When we encounter this resistance, we advise our clients to pursue the claim regardless. A seemingly minor injury can turn into an expensive problem later. For example, in many premises liability cases, the property owner’s insurance will pay the claim, not the property owner themselves.

Evaluating Your Current And Long-Term Needs

After suffering a catastrophic injury, you may no longer be able to perform basic functions or work. Your home may need modification to match your changed mobility level. Our firm takes a practical approach to determining fair compensation, factoring in your current and future needs.

To properly assess the lasting financial impact of your injury, our attorney works with life care planners, medical experts and other professionals. Just compensation will not eliminate your pain or suffering, but it can alleviate financial stressors and allow you to make necessary lifestyle modifications.

The Insurance Company Is Not On Your Side

Insurance companies like to pretend that they are the good guys after an injury accident. However, if you suffer a personal injury, it is important to understand the main goal of an insurance company is to take in premiums and pay out as little money as possible. Insurance companies do not remain profitable by paying out too much money on every claim, which is why they often step in and make an immediate lowball offer. Be very careful if that happens.

Most often, the person or company that caused your injury has insurance. However, there are many situations where the defendant is uninsured or underinsured. We will then pursue an uninsured or underinsured motorist case against your automobile liability insurance company. When your insurance company provides coverage, then they are your adversary and they will attempt to minimize your injuries or possibly claim you have some responsibility for the accident.

At Holland Injury Law, LLC, our founding attorney, William K. Holland, began his career working on behalf of insurance companies. After seeing too many people getting treated unfairly, he decided to switch sides to represent personal injury plaintiffs. He uses his “insider knowledge” of how insurance companies operate, and combines it with a winning reputation as a personal injury lawyer. He has tried 43 jury trials to verdict and has obtained 24 settlements of $1 million or more — most of them multimillion-dollar outcomes.

You Need a Tested, Trusted, Tenacious Lawyer On Your Side

Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers and our team of talented paralegals are prepared to step in immediately on your behalf to ensure you receive all compensation you are eligible for and deserve.

Money cannot turn back the clock, but it can make the future much less frightening after a serious injury. Contact our firm in St. Louis, Missouri, by email or by phone at 314-428-9279 to schedule a free consultation.