More Than Skin Deep: The Indelible Nature Of Burn Injuries

Severe burns caused by an electrical accident or explosion cause physical and emotional scarring, leaving the injured to cope with permanent disfigurement and bodily limitations. Deep or large burns may prevent the person who suffered burns from working during the lengthy recovery period or permanently.

If you suffered a serious burn injury due to another’s negligence, the legal team at Holland Injury Law, LLC, can help you recover compensation. Your injury claim is not just about money to us — it is about securing justice for our clients throughout the St. Louis area and preventing such accidents from happening again.

Treatment And Diagnosis Go With The Territory

Generally, burns fall into three categories: thermal, electrical or chemical. Serious burns can be the result of a fire, a car accident, electric shock or an explosion. Even a small blaze can cause severe burns.

Prompt and proper burn treatment helps prevent infection and other problems. For severe burns, doctors must remove the dead skin to allow the tissue underneath to heal, a process called debridement. When the tissue is too badly damaged to heal on its own, doctors use skin grafts atop the damaged areas. As the skins heals, you will need rehabilitation to prevent the burned skin from becoming immobile. Following a treatment and care plan strengthens your recovery and your injury claim. Failure to comply with treatment recommendations gives insurance companies a reason to deny your claim.

It’s Critical: Timely Filing And Investigation Of Burn Injury Claims

To make a successful claim against a liable party after a serious injury, you need supporting evidence. A skilled lawyer can help collect evidence as soon as possible to prevent contamination or loss. Working with our firm as early as possible allows us to examine the site of the injury and gather testimonies and documents from appropriate parties.

An Uncompromising Pursuit Of Justice Is Not Only About The Money

We will seek compensation that addresses the severity of your burn injuries from an accident, ensuring financial security for your current and future needs. It is our intention to hold wrongdoers responsible and to smooth the way to your recovery. Holland Injury Law, LLC also identifies and publicizes dangerous practices that lead to burns to help prevent further injuries in the future. To start the dialogue in a free consultation with an accomplished Missouri personal injury attorney, send us an email or call 314-428-9279.