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Essure Birth Control IUD (Birth Control Implant)

Women looking for ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies sometimes decide that a permanent solution is right for them. Until recently, surgical tubal ligation (“getting tubes tied”) was the most effective permanent birth control for females.

In 2002, a new medical device by the name of Essure — a permanent birth control implant placed into the fallopian tubes — was approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The manufacturer was Conceptus, which was later acquired by Bayer.

Since that time, many female patients have adopted Essure as a permanent birth control solution. Unfortunately for many women who accepted implants of Essure, injuries have resulted and in some cases, fatalities have occurred for babies born after its insertion.

As of July 2018, Bayer announced that it would discontinue selling the product after December, 2018. Meanwhile, users who have experienced harmful complications need experienced legal advice as they face medical bills, time off work and loss of the ability to live and enjoy life.

Have You Been Harmed By This Product?

If you or your wife, mother or daughter or other next-of-kin who received an Essure birth control implant suffered any of the following injuries or repercussions, please consult with Holland Injury Law, LLC, to explore your legal options:

  • Perforation of the uterus or fallopian tubes
  • Ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy and miscarriage
  • Device migration in the abdomen or pelvic cavity
  • Chronic pain
  • Severe bleeding
  • Hysterectomy required after injuries caused by Essure
  • Death of the woman or her infant born after insertion of Essure

Attorney William H. Holland welcomes the opportunity to explain how the Holland Injury Law, LLC, in St. Louis can help you at no risk to you. Contact the law offices to ask for advice on how to pursue compensation for harm caused by the manufacturer’s negligence. Initial consultations are free. If the law firm represents you, you will not owe attorney’s fees until compensation is recovered for you.

Questions And Answers About Essure IUD And Legal Claims Against Bayer

Q: Was Essure properly tested before FDA approval?

A: In fact, the FDA approved this product along with a requirement that its manufacturer conduct two post-approval studies to gather five-year follow-up information from participants. As a result of follow-up information gathered, the product was required to be labeled with warnings about chronic pain, device migration and other negative outcomes.

Q: Why did Bayer announce that the product line would be discontinued?

A: While Bayer claims its decision was not made based upon problems with Essure, over 16,000 women have already sued Bayer because of unforeseen safety issues.

Q: What do public health advocates have to say about the safety of Essure implants?

A: Many have raised alarms for years after learning of complaints by thousands of users who have suffered ill effects, sometimes severe or catastrophic in nature. Several women have died due to complications from implantation of Essure. Causes of death have included infection, perforation of the uterus, suicide and embolism.

Q: What damage claims have been contained in lawsuits by women harmed by Essure?

A: Allegations have included:

  • Failure by Bayer to report thousands of adverse effects to the FDA and warn consumers
  • Manufacture of Essure for three years without a license
  • Distributing Essure equipment to unqualified doctors for use by their patients
  • Failing to train doctors to use Essure

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