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Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Springfield, Missouri

Have you suffered an on-the-job injury or developed a work-related illness in Springfield, Missouri? You may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits if so.

Securing these benefits could prove more challenging than it should be, though, and one small mistake could put your access to medical care and disability pay at risk. Instead of putting your well-being at risk, seek legal representation as you pursue your claim.

A Springfield, Missouri, workers’ compensation attorney with Holland Injury Law, LLC, can help you throughout the process, from filing your application to representing you at hearings to negotiating a settlement at the end of your case.

We may also advise you on additional ways of pursuing compensation, such as filing a third-party claim or lawsuit. What’s more, we’ll do it at no upfront cost to you. Instead, we will only charge a fee based on the compensation we recover on your behalf.

So don’t wait to get the experienced guidance you deserve during this challenging time. Contact Holland Injury Law, LLC, today for a free consultation.

What You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation in Missouri

Per the Missouri Department of Labor (DoL), employers with five or more employees in Missouri must purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Employers in the construction industry must purchase workers’ compensation insurance when they have one or more employees. Employers who don’t have to purchase workers’ compensation insurance may nevertheless elect to do so.

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. You don’t have to show your injuries resulted from someone else’s negligence to secure workers’ compensation benefits. You must only show that your personal injury happened on the job or that your illness grew out of occupational hazards.

Common Types of Workplace Accidents in Springfield, Missouri

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the following are the most common work-related injury and illness causes:


  • Exposure to harmful substances, environments, and related hazards
  • Overexertion injuries
  • Falling, slipping, and tripping injuries
  • Accidents involving workers being hit by objects or pieces of equipment
  • Acts of violence
  • Transportation accidents


While all workplaces contain injury hazards, some industries are more prone to work-related injuries than others. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), civilian occupations with the highest rate of fatal injuries include:


  • Logging
  • Roofing
  • Fishing and hunting occupations
  • Construction
  • Piloting and flight engineering
  • Trucking and commercial driving
  • Recycling collection
  • Steelworking and working with structural iron
  • Operating underground mining machines
  • Farming and agricultural work


Accidents can happen in virtually any workplace. You may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits if you’re an employee who was hurt on the job.


The Missouri Workers’ Compensation Process

Hurt on the job in Missouri? Here’s what happens next:

  • Seek emergency medical treatment – You’re entitled to receive emergency medical care if you need it. Be sure to tell them it’s for a work-related injury. If your injury is not an emergency, do not go to an unauthorized provider. Your employer has the right to chooseyour treating physicians.
  • Report your injury –An employee must immediately report an injury or suspected injury to their supervisor after an accident. You may not be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits if you wait more than 30 days to report an injury. Along with verbally notifying your supervisor, submit a written report including the date of the accident, the nature of the accident or injury, the location and time of the accident, and the names of all injured parties.
  • Follow up with your employer– Your employer has 30 days from your notification to report the incident to the state’s Division of Workers’ Compensation. Confirm that they have done so.
  • Get medical care –Get care from a healthcare provider or physician of your employer’s choosing. All necessary medical care will be paid for by their insurer.
  • Receive disability benefits –You are entitled to disability benefits if your ability to work is affected by your injury. They will not be paid for the first three days unless you miss more than 14 calendar days of work.

The insurance company may attempt to deny a claim if there isn’t sufficient evidence to show an injury is work-related. For example, they may try to argue you weren’t acting as an employee when you sustained an injury. Alternatively, they might argue that your injuries are not severe enough to keep you from working or discredit the extent of long-term impairment. Protect yourself by enlisting the help of a Springfield, Missouri, workers’ compensation lawyer.

What Do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cover in Springfield, Missouri?

Workers’ comp benefits in Missouri cover medical expenses resulting from work-related illnesses and injuries. These may include the cost of traveling to medical appointments. Keeping copies of all medical records is essential, as you may need to include them with a claim.


Other benefits workers’ comp offers in Missouri include:


  • Temporary total disability, which pays two-thirds of your lost wages if you can’t return to work while recovering from an injury
  • Temporary partial disability, which covers two-thirds of the difference between your previous wages and your new wages if you can return to work during your recovery but can only perform work offering lower pay
  • Permanent total disability, if an injury prevents you from working in any capacity going forward
  • Survivor benefits, which may be available to surviving loved ones of someone who passed away as a result of a work-related accident or injury

What You Need to Know About Third-Party Claims in Missouri Workers’ Compensation Cases

How a Springfield, Missouri Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help You

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Near Springfield, Missouri Today

Hurt on the job? If so, a Springfield, Missouri, workers’ compensation lawyer with Holland Injury Law, LLC, can handle your claim while you recover. Learn more by contacting us online today or calling us for a free case review.


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