Devotion And Support After The Tragic Loss Of A Loved One

If you are visiting this page after recently losing a loved one, we are very sorry for your loss. Nothing can replace your loved one, but we hope to help you find consolation and justice through answers and financial recovery. Our skilled, devoted legal team can at Holland Injury Law, LLC, can guide you through the recovery process.

Who Can Bring A Claim?

In Missouri, the spouse, child or parent of a deceased adult may pursue a wrongful death claim. Missouri law also allows a parent to bring forth wrongful death claims after a minor child has been killed in a serious accident. A sibling may bring forth a claim only in cases where no other surviving family members exist. Illinois allows the spouse, child or parent of a deceased minor to file a claim.

When Negligence Caused A Fatality

Wrongful death claims are brought forth by a surviving family member of the deceased. A wrongful death claim generally focuses on recovery rather than punishing the at-fault party. To prove a wrongful death, you must be able to:

  • Demonstrate the death of your loved one
  • Prove the responsibly party caused the death through negligence or harmful intent
  • Show that the death of the victim caused financial losses for the surviving family members

Consult with an attorney to clear up any questions you may have about liability, eligibility for recovery and how to initiate legal action.

We fought for the wrongful death of a child whose life was lost due to faulty tire tread separation. We negotiated a $1,250,000 settlement for the family. The family can rest a little easier knowing they obtained justice for their child.

More Than Just Money — Justice For Your Loved One

Although nothing can take the place of your lost loved one, compensation from a wrongful death claim can help cover funeral and medical expenses, lost future wage replacement and loss of parental guidance or companionship. Our trial lawyers have brought many jury cases to verdict and have recovered millions of dollars for plaintiffs in injury and fatality cases.

Many families also feel comforted knowing their loved one’s loss has been brought to some degree of justice through a wrongful death settlement or verdict. We can insist companies change the way they do business, add training and fire employees. We also encourage our clients to fully cooperate with prosecutors and their investigators. Some wrongdoers deserve the full measure of the criminal justice system as well.

We are here to provide you with personalized care during this painful time while seeking justice after your loved one’s fatal accident. Call our St. Louis office at 314-428-9279, or reach out to us via email to schedule a free consultation with one of our dedicated, tenacious wrongful death attorneys.